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Home LED Power Supplies DC5V

The information contained on is not intended to be used as professional advice. Always consult a professional electrician before working with electricity and regarding local building codes.

For greater efficiency and longer life choose a power
supply that is 20% greater in capacity than the total load.
ie., If total load is 100 watts choose a 120 watt power supply
(Volts x Amp = Watt) 12V 6A power supply = 72W

For an LED driver not listed below,
please call 343 777 0113

Constant Voltage (CV)

Industrial Aluminium Enclosure Hardwired
- Indoor use only

LED Driver Power Supply DC 5V 40A 200W cUL Listed - Ottawa LED

This is a hardwired 120V power supply and should only be installed by a qualified professional.

DC 5V 40A 200W
Constant Voltage Power Supply
- Enclosed indoor use only

- Model: SMT-005-200SA
- Hardwire
- Input: 100-240vAC  (47-63HZ)
- Output: 5V
- Current: 40A
- Power: 200W
- High efficiency up to 82%
- Cooling by free air convection
- Protection:
  Short circuit / Overload / Over temperature
- UL/CUL (E365202), CE, RoHS, SELV
- Product size: 199x110x50mm

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