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 Home LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights from are typically 5 meters in length and available in both waterproof and non-waterproof.

Low voltage LED strip lights require a low voltage power supply. The type of LED and total length of strip will determine the power supply capacity required.

Multi-colour LED strip lights require a low voltage power supply and a controller to change colours and effect mode. There area various types of controllers to choose from.

Please visit the LED Accessories area for a selection of controllers and power supplies.


  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • High intensity and reliability, easy and quick installation
  • Flexible for corners and curving around bends
  • Adhesive backing tape for secure and easy application to most surfaces


  • Architectural decorative lighting
  • Archway, canopy & bridge edge lighting
  • Amusement park, theater & aircraft cabin mood lighting
  • Emergency hallway lighting
  • Auditorium walkway lighting
  • Stairway accent lighting
  • Concealed lighting
  • Backlighting for signage letters
  • Channel letter lighting
  • Emergency exit path lighting
  • Cove lighting


  • Clean surface before applying LED strips
  • To apply LED strips simply peel the backside 3M double-sided adhesive tape
  • LED strips require constant voltage of DC12V (unless stated otherwise)
  • For safe even performance do not overload power adapter, always use the
    recommended current output requirement

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